for the best municipal program aimed at the development of urban mobility

More than 70 per cent of Ukrainians are citizens of large towns. Dictating time and speed of movement in an area, transport and infrastructure have become the circulatory system for a city.

A city which can offer highly developed transport infrastructure and excellent transportation services is an indispensable condition for higher mobility and quality of life of its residents, as well as for the development and investment attractiveness of the entire region.

With REGIO CITY TRANS AWARD, let`s recognize the cities which are successfully dealing with residents mobility issues, targeting at timely, comfortable, affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly transportation.

The best implementation of sustainable mobility program

must be

applicable and easy-to-copy

Therefore, the grand opening of the International Exhibition CITY TRANS & PARKING includes rewarding the best urban mobility municipal program with the REGIO CITY TRANS AWARD.

The CITY TRANS & PARKING business program allows careful studying of implemented regional cases in the following categories:

INFRASTRUCTURE: development of road infrastructure and micromobility, establishment of public spaces, parking lots.

Strategies the cities follow to update and improve the existing transport infrastructure in order to meet the galloping pace of building-up and growing needs. Note the importance of public and institutions in the development of transport schemes and the search for investment sources.


Methods of cities renewing the public vehicles, integrating private carriers into the city’s overall public transport network, changing the efficiency of regional transport companies, and introducing amendments in local regulatory policy.

Country should know about the best experience in addressing urban mobility issues!