International Exhibition of equipment, technologies and solutions
in the field of public transport and urban infrastructure



Electric transport – trolleybuses, electric buses, electric vehicles
Motor transport – city buses, duobuses, minibuses, municipal vehicles and special-purpose machinery, commercial vehicles
Micromobility – bicycles, segways and scooters
Parking – design of parking lots, parking equipment, special equipment
Service – maintenance services, spare parts, components, accessories
Infrastructure – road construction: parking lots, gas stations, public transport stops, road signs, traffic lights and alarms
Urban mobility software – surveillance and security systems, GPS navigation, fare payment systems


With the support of the Corporation of Municipal Electric Transport Enterprises of Ukraine “Ukrelectrotrans”, the best municipal program for the development of urban mobility in 2021was recognized at the opening ceremony of the International Exhibition CITY TRANS & PARKING.

was granted to the city of Poltava

for the highest rate of electric vehicles renewal, better quality of passenger traffic and greenhouse gas emission curb.

Become a part of the event that tells everything about urban mobility and infrastructure development in both Ukraine and the globe. You will discover the most important issues for the public transport market of nowadays, up-to-date solutions and offers of manufacturers, innovative technologies changing the passenger experience.

Get in touch with industry leaders, receive information from top officials. It’s time to be inspired by the experience of the best and to contribute to mobility development in Ukrainian cities!

Transport modeling and urban mobility

  • Trends in urban mobility development – decarbonization, stake on electric transport, micromobility, smart technologies
  • Urban planning and transport infrastructure – bottlenecks of transport networks, allocation of public transport zones, development of eco-infrastructure
  • Technologies for traffic management and passenger throughput planning – traffic interval, schedules, digital systems
  • Transportation security innovations – a model of safe traffic, vehicle safety and modern security technologies. Road design and traffic flows. Implementation of measures for safety improvements
  • Infrastructure development tools – investments in municipal projects, everything you need to know about donor grant policy, ways to attract private capital, advantages of the PPP format.
  • Regional cases for the development of urban mobility: working up transport schemes with the help of people and institutions, searching for investments, improving the electric transport infrastructure and boosting micromobility, establishing of public spaces, regulatory policy, efficiency of local transport companies


Citibus: the best option of big bus for a city

  • Production of buses in Ukraine – preferences, sales markets, production technologies, cooperation with other manufacturers (ZAZ, Bogdan, Cherkassy Bus, Joint assembly production of Turkish bus Karsan in Kharkiv)
  • Certification according to European standards and the possibility of export (ZAZ)
  • The best power source for urban transport – electric, hybrid or diesel engine. Pros and cons.
  • Bus Rapid Transit: prospects for the high-speed bus BRT in Ukrainian cities
  • Octobus a tool for automatized bus passenger traffic
Minibus and its place in a modern city
  • Main criteria when choosing buses of small capacity
  • Uber Shuttle services – booking seats for collective trips at rush hours, servicing tourist journeys, transport services on routes with week passenger traffic
Electric transport – environmentally-friendly and clean
  • Electric buses and duobus – sales market prospects, partner production in Ukraine, ways to reduce costs (Electron, Karsan, Skywell)
  • AutoDrive technology to change urban mobility – the unmanned electric bus OTonom Atak Electric (Karsan + Adastec).
  • Production of batteries and chargers in Ukraine
  • Used vehicles – economic feasibility to buy, repair and maintenance costs, transport safety, disposal cost
  • Electric transport infrastructure – tracks renovation, contact network, transformer stations, solar panels, electric stations network


A car in the city center: to park or to take away

  • The role of cars in the future of urban mobility – infrastructure development priorities
  • Electric cars as the best vehicles for cities
  • Parking trends – the market of parking systems, parking fare payment technologies, video surveillance, parking rules in the suburbs
  • Market of municipal vehicles and special-purpose machinery
Micromobility: new entrants to lightweight traffic
  • Bicycle, electric bike, segway, scooter – market overview, trends, production and export potential of Ukraine (Delfast)
  • Rental services and sharing models – operators (Bolt-Kyiv/Lviv/Odessa), stations, applications
  • Cycling infrastructure – bicycle paths on sidewalks and highways, traffic lights, parking spaces, electric charging
Human-friendly city
  • How to motivate citizens to use public transport?
  • Ingredients of a positive passenger experience: accessibility, inclusiveness, climate control, security system, air decontamination, stops on demand, wi-fi
  • Unified ticket and multimodal passenger transportation – combining different types of transport in a trip
  • Information systems and navigation
  • Tracking programs for passenger transport
  • Development and comfort of Public Space for walkers

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