The conference Transport, Infrastructure and Parking Lots in a Modern City takes place on October 13 within the framework of the International Exhibition City Trans & Parking.

The second day of the business program of the International Exhibition CITY TRANS & PARKING 2021 is dedicated to the development of the public transport system and infrastructure of the city.

Prioritizing public transport

How to make public transport a quality alternative to a personal car, so that citizens can move quickly and predictably.

How to replace the combustion engine vehicles used by municipal and private enterprises with the environmentally friendly and safe ones.

What offers enter the market and how high are odds to launch producing electric vehicles in Ukraine.

Regional cases for the development of urban mobility: investment sources, renewal of vehicles, development of electric transport infrastructure, regulatory policy, efficiency of transport companies.

Transport infrastructure

The principles of urban planning and the development of transport infrastructure which meet the needs of the city and the pace of new buildings erection. Efficient use of limited urban space, reorganization of interchanges and combating traffic jams in the center, allocation of lanes for public transport and development of eco-infrastructure.

Road design and traffic flow formation. Implementation of measures to improve safety.


Parking in the urban mobility priority system. The concept of parking in the city.

Strict regulation of the number of parking lots, zoning and cost of services.


Prioritization of public transport on the example of the development of transport infrastructure in Kyiv

Oleksandr Fedorenko, acting Director of Kyivavtodor (to be agreed)

Efficient use of limited urban space: reorganization of interchanges, combating traffic jams in the city center.

Roman Zubachyk, Head of Transport Planning and Modeling in Lvivavtodor

Intersection reorganization modeling

Maksym Kravchuk, Vinnitsa State Council, Spatial Development Agency

Reconstruction of Palace Square in Lviv

Andrii Bilyi, Expert on urban mobility, Deputy Director of Housing and Infrastructure of Lviv City Council, 2018-2021

Inclusion in urban mobility: the public transport infrastructure is tailored to the needs of disabled people

Bezbariernist (speaker to be agreed)

Safety issues and road infrastructure

Artem Bezuhlyi, Director of Gosdor Scientific Research Institute (to be agreed)


Comprehensive study of the development of electric public transport infrastructure in Ukraine: : possibilities of expanding the urban electric transport network in Ukraine

Baher El-Hifnawi, Leader of Infrastructure Programs and Sustainable Development at the World Bank

Establishing the conditions for the development of electric transport in Ukraine and ensuring the phased replacement of motor transport with electric vehicles

Hamlet Pohosian, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (to be agreed)

Maryna Kytina, Transport Innovation Expert, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Integration of private carriers into the city’s public transport system – settling relations with carriers

Kostiantyn Usov, Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration (to be agreed))

Electric public transport: why the development of trolleybus traffic is more grounded for Ukraine than switching to electric buses?

Ihor Mohyla, Expert of the UUPTP project, Egis

Prospects for the production of electric vehicles in Ukraine – analysis of tax preferences, sales markets, production technologies, cooperation with other producers

Evolution of Urban E-Mobility from Manufacturer Perspective

Halit Ozgur Altinsoy, International Sales Manager Karsan

Regional cases aimed at the development of trolleybus transport, criteria for choosing electric transport, experience of use, the need to update the electric transport infrastructure

Andrii Novyk, Director of Electroavtotrans (Sumy)

Volodymyr Sukhachov, Director for Financial and Economic Affairs, Zaporizhelektrotrans

Vitalii Hotra, Director of Uzhhorod Municipal Transport

Mykhailo Lutsenko, General Director of Vinnitsa Transport Company (participation to be agreed)

Volodymyr Suslenkov, Deputy Director for Operation and Transportation, Dniprovskyi elektrotransport (participation to be agreed)

Development of rail transport systems and tram control network – subventions of the Road Fund for the renovation of trams

Ruslan Bozhko, Director of High-Speed Tram, Kryvyi Rih (participation to be agreed)

Urban Railway – integration of railways into urban mobility: the way Lviv S-bahn can solve transport problems of the city.

Rostyslav Bilynskyi, Architect, Institute of Spatial Development


Electric freight transport and logistics

EV-UA + Nova Poshta (speaker to be agreed)

COOLON- Ukrainian development of electric freight vehicles

Vitalii Bryzghalov, Director of COOLON

Ukrainian production of electric motor micromobility: electric motorcycles and electric bicycles DElfast for delivery services

DElfast (speaker to be agreed)

Development of a network of recharging stations for electric cars in Lviv

Ihor Zinkevych, Chairman of the Commission for Transport, Communications and Urban Mobility of Lviv City Council (to be agreed)


The main criteria for choosing small buses

Otocar (speaker to be agreed)

Bus Rapid Transit: a high-speed bus system in Lviv. Priority development of high-speed trolleybus and bus systems\

Department of Housing and Infrastructure of Lviv City Council (speaker to be agreed)

Minibus in a modern city. Services like Uber Shuttle – group transportation in rush hours and services to remote regions with low passenger traffic

Uber Shuttle (speaker to be agreed)


Concept for the development of road transport infrastructure and parking lots in Odessa

Yevhen Tiabus, Deputy Director of Odestransparkservice (to be agreed)

Zoning and parking billing system

Anatolii Svyryd, acting Director of Kyivtransparkservice (to be agreed)

Dmytro Rakhmatullin, Department of Transport Infrastructure, Kyiv City State Administration (to be agreed)

Automated parking system and parking payment technologies, video surveillance and parking rules in the city center

Dmytro Mandrikov, Director of Kharkivparkservice (to be agreed)

Dmytro Herasymov, Dnipro utility company City Transport Infrastructure and Kyrylo Fedorchuk, Organization of Safe Transport Systems and Protection of Consumer Rights

Parking space management and regulation 

Lvivavtodor (speaker to be agreed)


Small vehicles – new road users

Orest Oleskiv, Head of the Transport Department of Lviv City Council

Regulation of the movement of micromobility and cooperation with operators of electric scooter rental services

Oleksandr Husteliev, Deputy Chairman of the Kiev City State Administration (participation to be agreed)

Development of bicycle infrastructure in Myrhorod

Tetiana Usyk, Head of the Department of Municipal Initiatives, Investments and Energy Management, Myrhorod City Council (participation to be agreed)

Development of light personal transport and cycling infrastructure

Council for Urbanism of Kyiv (speaker to be agreed)